Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

We are committed to ensuring that we adhere to the Financial Conduct Authority’s treating customers fairly requirements at all times and aim to act, in such a way that consideration is given to the fair treatment of all customers.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has as one of its regulatory themes the fair treatment of customers by all regulated firms. In practice, this concept is known as TCF under which the FCA has introduced six distinct consumer outcomes.

Specifically, our aims are to ensure that:

  • All customers can be confident that they are treated fairly and consistently at all times
  • The services provided are appropriate and meet the needs of those customers with whom we engage
  • Information provided to customers is clear, including the provision of terms and conditions and the disclosure of all relevant charges
  • Customers are kept appropriately and regularly informed at all times and that communications are clear and readily understood
  • All products offered are to the standard expected by all customers and that the corresponding customer service is to an acceptable standard
  • All staff are appropriately trained and equipped to provide an appropriate, consistent and acceptable standard of service
  • The process for making a complaint is clear and consumers do not face any unnecessary barriers; and
  • Senior management regularly monitors the fair treatment of customers and instigates improvements and enhancements as necessary.